A quick shot of me by a friend at WPPI 2014 lit by an Icelight


Well hello there!

My name is Jason Borean.

(I get the Jason Bourne thing alot… and for more than the name. But if it helps it stick then great!)

I am a Photographer based out of Olympia, WA and my studio on JBLM at the McChord Base Exchange. I am a recently retired US Army Multimedia Illustrator (25M) and trained Psychological Operations (Warfare) Specialist. After being retired I made my home in Washington State to raise my 5 children (1 Beautiful Daughter and 4 sons), enjoy life with my wife of 18 years, and attend Pacific Lutheran University to get my MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Mission Accomplished! Now it’s time to make a living… hopefully doing what I enjoy… Making great images and memories for people.

I became a photographer because I love telling stories… capturing moments in time for generations to come. Helping others reveal who they are to the world… or who they could be. Being a good photographer means you know how to use your tools… being a great one means you can work with a subject to produce something beyond mere documentation… something revealing… something beautiful. Works of art.

Headshots are our chosen specialty. Working with a client one on one to get some great looks is a lot of fun… and work. It takes time and collaboration between the photographer and the subject. But it’s worth it! “No matter where you go… there you are”, . I am a member of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew and actively seeking to obtain the Holy Grail of Headshot Photographer’s… Associate Status! Help me obtain this short term dream and we’ll make great images together to set your best face forward.

I am also a member of Portrait Photographer’s of America, the world’s largest non-profit photography association organized for professional photographers, by professional photographers…and with more than 29,000 creative members in more than 50 countries. There mission is to create a vibrant community of successful professional photographers by providing education, resources and industry standards of excellence.

Sports & Action Photography is also one of my favorite photographic subjects… if you are looking for this go to Photographer of Champions and check out what they are about. It feeds my love of capturing moments in time and my desire for people to get the attention they deserve for working hard.

Who cares? Why care? I am dedicated to learning my craft and delivering the best images I possibly can… period. I regularly attend training whenever possible to be on the forefront of techniques, technology, and service. I want you to feel you received incredible value for your time and money.

In addition to loving photography & design (and of course my family) I enjoy combative martial arts, entrepreneurship in all of it’s many forms, Sci-fi and Fantasy, and my pets.